~ my name is Ale!!
~ the pronouns i use most are he/ey/pup (pls use my neopronouns too lmao)
~ i'm 15 years old (my birthday is on the 29th of december)
~ i'm white (i live in Romania)
~ my personality type is istp 9w8
~ i'm a transmasc enby and bi!

DNI if:
• You fit the basic dni criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.)
• You don't support BLM or you don't believe ACAB
• You're anti neopronouns/xenogenders
• You're anti he/him lesbians or she/her gays
• You're an anti-anti
• You believe bi/pan lesbians exist
• You're an NSFW acc
• You use he/him for Chihiro

i don't think i'll post that much lmao, i just kinda retweet and like stuffi won't tag my fav things and comfort characters ( i'll tag other things though, don't worry)i'm shy as fuck so i'm very afraid to start conversations, you message first lol (please message me i'm lonely, add me on discord or smth idk)if you do talk to me pls use /s, /j, /p, /lh, etc. with me!!i reclaim the f slur, i don't use it much though

• Danganronpa
• Ace Attorney
• Demon Slayer
• Dorohedoro
• Devilman
• Hannibal
• Death Note
• Saiki K
• weird animals
• music from the 60's to the 90's lmao
• idk what else i like a lot of stuff

Comfort characters:
• Chihiro Fujisaki
• Kiyotaka Ishimaru
• Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
• Kazuichi Souda
• Enrico Pucci
• Josuke Higashikata
• Kaato Higashikata
• Kyo Nijimura
• Chota (drhdr)
• Fujita (drhdr)
• Apollo Justice
• Klavier Gavin
• Miles Edgeworth
• L Lawliet
• Rengoku Kyojurou
• Himejima Gyomei
• etc. (i have a lot of CCs lol)

Kins (doubles are ok):
• Mondo Oowada
• Genya Shinazugawa
• Akira Fudo
• Saiki Kusuo
• Nate River
• Gundham Tanaka
• Okuyasu Nijimura
• Aizawa Shouta
• Foo Fighters
• Jolyne Cujoh
• Jotaro Kujo
• Weather Report
• Hot Pants
• Ebisu (drhdr)

• the ramones, pink floyd, yes, iron maiden, death grips, led zeppelin, insane clown posse, the who, deep purple, oingo boingo, fleetwood mac, the doors, gorillaz, ac/dc, the runaways, jimi hendrix, david bowie, janis joplin, the velvet underground, siouxsie and the banshees, judas priest, megadeth, anthrax, misfits, 100 gecs, mother mother, cocteau twins, blondie, type o negative, the damned, radiohead, scary bitches, nine inch nails, aphex twin, autumn's grey solace, MF DOOM, utsu-p, mitski, britney spears, mayhem, abba